Interactive Documentary is a new form of film making


Interactive Documentary is a new form of filmmaking that allows the viewer to choose the narrative and the flow of the story. The viewer can experience the documentary in whatever shape or order the viewer wishes. It frees up the film maker to focus on capturing his subjects and does not impose his will on the viewer.The viewer then becomes part of the creative process whilst viewing the documentary.

Trinity Vision has embarked on a series of documentaries that will be available to view here over the next few months and years. It is hoped that these documentaries will add to the work that others have done in this field and explore new narratives and ways of telling peoples unique stories.

The first of these documentaries endeavours to put the power into the hands of children by giving them the unique opportunity to make films themselves. Trinity Vision then recorded their journey from initial ideas to public viewing. ‘Take One’ is a film by Dr. Stefano Odorico.

Take One